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Seoul is the business and cultural hub of South Korea, where skyscrapers tower over Buddhist temples. Take it all in from the N Seoul Tower, built atop a peak in Namsan Park.

My first trip essaysI still remember the first trip to the beach that I took with my close friends. Two years ago, my friends and I went to Tamarindo Beach to rest and enjoy our vacation together.

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We had been planning this trip for two weeks. During these two weeks we made hotel reservations and b. Seoul, South Korea. S eoul is a huge, sprawling mega-city, and though it seemed intimidating at first, after spending a few days there I soon realized that the majority of the central part of the city revolves around the the Seoul N Tower on top of Namsan mountain (pictured straight ahead).

Gyeongbukgung Palace. The Gyeongbukgung Palace is one of Seoul's most iconic landmarks. Narrative Essay: My Trip to South Korea I had always wanted to visit South Korea and I recently had the chance to spend a week in this amazing country. Unlike its northern neighbor which is pretty much closed to visitors, South Korea is a welcoming and hospitable country.

Trip to korea essay
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Visiting Seoul, South Korea