Themes monsters are due on maple

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The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street

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On Wednesday, July 12th, Sol Collective hosted a film screening of the Netflix documentary “They Call Us Monsters” The film features three boys, Jarad Nava, Juan Gamez, and Antonio Hernandez, who are all facing life sentences for murder or attempted murder and work together to write a screenplay about their lives before they were incarcerated.

The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street Reading a play is very different from reading a short story or novel. In a play, there are no long descriptions of setting or characters. Themes for: The Monsters are Due on Maple Street 1. Loyalty/Disloyalty a.

It takes two people to be loyal. b. Loyalties can change for the better or worse. Fear Is powerful and can take over your mind.

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B. Sometimes fear Is a reasonable reaction. Other times, fear can be Irrational. C. We should fear Ignorant people with the power and authority.

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Transcript of Monsters are Due on Maple Street. Monsters are Due on Maple Street POV Setting TIME: The neighbors are suspicious of an odd family that they think to be monsters, but in reality, the humans are their own monsters made out of fear.

Theme Protagonist & Antagonist Protagonist- aliens Character traits: all-knowing, wise, overlook.

Themes monsters are due on maple
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