Six themes in the ethnography of prostitution essay

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Sterk came up with six themes in the ethnography of prostitution: 1) A woman’s explanation for why she joined the field 2) The four types of prostitutes are streetwalkers, hooked prostitutes, addicts, crack prostitutes 3) The role of the pimp in their life 4) The impact of the AIDS epidemic 5) The violence and abuse that the women had to undergo 6) The depart from prostitution.

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Ethnography Essays (Examples)

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and helps with editing the journal. Her themes include, (and how ethnography relates): 1) Why the women were involved in prostitution and how they came to be prostitutes (quantitative data suggests that the majority of them qualified under subcategories such as sexual abuse, economic difficulties, need for drugs etc.).

Clare Sterk reports about women who work as prostitute.

Ethnographic Essays (Examples)

Most of these women worked in streets, crack houses, and other pubic places. Sterk came up with six themes in the ethnography of prostitution: 1) A woman’s explanation for why she joined the field 2) The four types of prostitutes are streetwalkers, hooked prostitutes, addicts, crack .

Six themes in the ethnography of prostitution essay
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