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Marcion Lives On!

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Marcion of Sinope

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This essay will deal with the concept, the origins, and the varieties of Gnosticism, especially as it was expressed in Valentinianism, Marcionism, Manichaeanism, Mandaeism and at Nag Hammadi. Many other forms of Gnosticism circulated in ancient religious circles too numerous to relate here, including SethianBarbeloites, Ophites, Naassenes, and.

Question: "What is Marcionism?" Given Marcion’s complete separation of the God of the Hebrew Bible from the God revealed in Jesus, it should be no surprise that he also rejected the authenticity of many New Testament documents.

Christian Dualism Essay

Any apostolic writing that did not comport with his theories was eliminated until all that remained of his. Marcionism teachings affirmed that Christianity was different from and opposition Judaism.

It opposed the whole of the Hebrew Bible, and declared Hebrews Bible God was a minor demiurge, who created the earth and was the source of evil.

MARCIONISM AND ITS IMPACT By: Addison Termunde Theology Mr. Lashier 8 a.m.

Why Is God Not Nice?

Addison Termunde Theology Lashier Term Paper 11/19/10 Marcionism and its Impact For every story told, multiple interpretations and perceptions are created. From such verses Marcion made the relatively logical conclusion, that the God of the Old Testament; the creator-God, was different to the good-God who was the father of Jesus Christ.

Readers of this blog know that one of my biggest bugbears is Moralistic Therapeutic Deism, a fake, insipid version of Christianity that views God as a cosmic butler, and being nice as the utmost.

Marcionism god essay
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